Redirected Visitors

If you’ve ended up at Ninja Hedgehog after typing in the address of a different website, I apologise. There’s a good reason for it.

Firstly, regular visitors won’t know what I’m talking about, so let me explain.

I used to run a simple social network-type website. It was a bit of a flop, but it had about 100 regular users. Unfortunately, those 100 users became less regular and paved the way for spammers.

A lot of the stuff posted on the other website by spammers was utter nonsense and didn’t even serve any purpose that I could see. More and more time of each week was spent deleting spam content and spam accounts. I became bored of this, posted an apology and have now redirected traffic from there to Ninja Hedgehog instead.

I hope the spammers won’t be too disappointed with Ninja Hedgehog or that they feel the desire to post their same shit in the comments for various posts here.

So, if you’ve ended up here by mistake, it’s probably because you’re some kind of irritating, spammy bastard.

Are you an irritating, spammy bastard?

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