Scally Rally Preparation

As I wrote about previously, JASONSLAPHEAD and I are taking part in the Scally Rally this year. Today, we completed phase 1 of work to our car.Our Theme is “New York Taxi”- I’m not sure why; it just is. We recently purchased a Skoda Felicia estate from eBay for £240.00 and it only had 171,000 miles on the clock. There’s a little bit of rust, but it rides nicely and we’re confident that it will manage the journey!
Today, JASONSLAPHEAD and I painted the car yellow, using stuff called “War Paint”, a brush and some rollers. I’ll admit that the car isn’t exactly in showroom condition, but considering we completed the job in around 3 hours (including the masking (badly, apparently)), I don’t think that’s too bad at all.
Here’s some before and after photos… just to clarify, the photos of the yellow car are the after photos…!

Red SkodaRed Skoda!
Yellow Skoda!Yellow Skoda!

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