Under Attack

I’ve often wondered why some hackers do what they do. I can understand hacking into the Pentagon to look for evidence of aliens, or hacking into Tesco’s in an attempt to cease their world domination, but I can’t understand why a hacker would bother with Ninja Hedgehog.

Over the last couple of weeks, several different people from the Netherlands have been very keen to hack into Ninja Hedgehog and I have no idea why.

It’d be alright if there was a reason to suspect that I was hiding secret data on Ninja Website, but I’m not; it’s just a blog.

I’m not silly enough to believe that I can prevent anyone from hacking into Ninja Hedgehog if they’re determined enough, but I have preventative measures in place which will either:

  1. Make it difficult to hack into Ninja Hedgehog in the first place
  2. Make it easy to restore Ninja Hedgehog very quickly if it does get hacked in to

I’d love to know why some people are so keen to hack into Ninja Hedgehog because it’s completely beyond me. It’s not even as if I’m outspoken enough to cause sufficient offence for someone to have a go at it.

Have you tried to hack in to Ninja Hedgehog? Do you know why anyone would want to do that?


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