Complicated Voucher Redemption

A few weeks ago, I ordered myself some pizza via the Domino’s mobile app. At the end of the purchase, you put a pretend pizza in the oven and when it comes out, you should get a voucher code. Instead, my app crashed.

When I opened the app again, a message told me that I’d already redeemed my code… I definitely hadn’t!

I went to the Domino’s website and contacted them to let them know that the app had crashed and that I didn’t get my voucher code. I simply wanted them to give me a code.

As you’ll probably have read, I’ve complained about quite a few different things and I’ve had free vouchers or tickets out of these complaints.

Serial Complainers

Some people complain for a living and do everything they can to get something for free. I only complain when something goes wrong and there’s reasonable cause for complaint. For example, when I spent quite a bit of money on some Dulux White Gloss and it turned yellow, it wasn’t unreasonable for me to expect Dulux to do something about it. I complained to them and they sent me some vouchers for paint (I recently redeemed these and they got me paint worth just over £100.00). I’m not one of these people who just complain to see what I can get.

With Domino’s, I just wanted to get my voucher code; even if it was for 10p off my next order.

I received an email within a day or two, apologising for the inconvenience, explaining that this was a known bug with the app and asking for my postal address so that they could send me a free voucher. I replied with my address and a few days later, I received a Domino’s voucher, for a free pizza of any size.

Free Pizza Time

On Sunday, I thought I’d take advantage of my voucher. I rang my local Domino’s (why do they always need to put you on hold for a minute once they answer the telephone?) and ordered a large Full House with stuffed crust, for delivery. I was asked if I was paying by cash or card and this appears to be where the confusion began.

The lady I was speaking to didn’t seem to have a full comprehension of the English language, which may have made matters worse.

Here’s roughly how the conversation went:

Me: I have a voucher which entitles me to a free pizza.
Pizza girl: You mean for any pizza, any size, for £9.99?
Me: No, it’s for a free pizza.
Pizza girl: I don’t understand. You have a voucher for a free pizza?
Me: Yes. Any size.
Pizza girl: For £9.99?
Me: No, for free. It’s from Domino’s head office.
Pizza girl: Domino’s head office has given you a voucher for a free pizza?
Me: Yes.
Pizza girl: Any size?
Me: Yes!
Pizza girl: Can you hold? I just need to speak to a colleague.
Me: Yes, tha… <placed on hold>
Colleague: Hello?
Me: Hello.
Colleague: Can I help you?
Me: You tell me- I don’t know why I’m talking to you. I was talking to a woman about my voucher, she placed me on hold and now I’m talking to you. What’s going on?
Colleague: I understand that you want to order a pizza…
Me: …yes, that’s why I’ve telephoned Domino’s. I was going to ring Pets at Home but they’re closed.
Colleague: …and you have a voucher for a free pizza?
Me: Yes, that’s right.
Colleague: Any size?
Me: Yes. For. Any. Size.
Colleague: Where did you get the voucher from?
Me: Domino’s. I made a complaint because of the Domino’s app and head office sent me a voucher in the post. For any pizza, any size. That is my method of payment.
Colleague: Oh, ok (confusion in voice). What would you like to order?
Me: Exactly the same as two minutes ago. I’ve not changed my mind.
Colleague: Was that a large Full House with stuffed crust?
Me: Aha- so you were testing me. Very good.
Colleague: Sorry?
Me: Never mind. May I have my pizza? Please?
Colleague: Yes, that’s all ordered for you. Delivery will be between 45 minutes and an hour. Can you hand the voucher to the driver upon delivery?
Me: Sure thing.

Eddie could have taken care of this much more efficiently and much quicker. Eddie is one of my dogs.

And he’s stupid.

Even for a dog.

He chases his own tail and eats his own arse.

Sometimes, he tries to eat Ruby’s arse too.

Ruby’s my other dog.

She too is stupid.


The pizza was delivered and the delivery man went to walk away. I could very easily have kept the voucher and used it another time, but I am genuinely an honest person. I called him back and told him that the store needed the voucher. He thanked me and said he wasn’t sure whether or not he was supposed to take it.

My free pizza tasted great and I don’t believe that there were any unwanted bodily toppings. Was the pizza good enough to warrant all the hassle of trying to redeem the voucher? Just about.

I just hope that when Thorpe Park send me my free tickets next year, I don’t have to jump through as many hoops to use them.


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