As I’ve not written much recently, I took the time to look at various other blogs for inspiration. These blogs varied massively in content and I was able to determine two things in particular about them.

The first thing is that most blogs I read are boring and dull. They also seem to be predominantly written by bitter, scorned women or single mums and the content is very much the same; moaning about how there are no decent men in the world or how women aren’t taken seriously and should be stronger.

The second thing I noticed is that other blogs have an underlying theme. I’ve always been aware that Ninja Hedgehog lacks any regular subject matter which means that it will never draw a regular viewer base, but as I have no specific knowledge of a particular field, I just write what I like, when I like.

After looking around and trying to gather different ideas, I came to the conclusion that Ninja Hedgehog is what it is and other people’s ideas won’t necessarily add any value to Ninja Hedgehog. In fact, the same applies for anyone’s blog.

Be happy with what you’ve got, write what you’re good at writing and don’t worry about what other people are writing- that’s my advice to myself.

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