My Credit Card Got Hacked

I was quite alarmed recently to be contacted by my bank. They were concerned about recent transactions on my credit card.

So concerned, in fact, that they urgently contacted me in writing. With a second class letter. Obviously, I doubted their ability to determine the difference between unusual transactions and the occasional transaction that I actually use my credit card for, so logged into my online banking to see what they were on about. I was greeted with this:

Online banking screenshot

Who are Groupon?? Why are they letting evil people use my credit card?? If these transactions were so unusual, why did my bank allow them to be made in the first place? I know for a fact that when unusual transactions are attempted on an Egg credit card, you get an instant telephone call. I did have a chuckle at the fact I was charged an overlimit fee, despite my bank believing that these transactions were a little unusual.
In fairness, I have to give the bank some credit. All payments were refunded on 6/10/11, which is pretty quick, really. I’m just glad that the evil people didn’t get hold of my bank details. I’ve had the overlimit fee refunded twice but as I’m honest, I shall ring the credit card people and tell them.
I’ve always prided myself on how careful I am when using the internet and regularly mock those who have become the victim of online fraud. I’m now considering unplugging my PC with my tail firmly between my legs.

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