Crazy Accident

A two year-old girl died in Kentucky, USA, after her five year-old brother accidentally shot her in the chest with his .22 calibre “My First Rifle”.

Apparenly, no one knew the gun was loaded and the tragic accident occurred when the childrens’ mother popped outside briefly.

The coroner stated that “It’s just one of those crazy accidents”.

I’ll never understand the USA’s attitude to guns or why the country’s leaders haven’t realised that guns are fairly dangerous.

Something I now understand even less is why any parent would:

  1. Buy their child a lethal weapon or;
  2. Why they would leave their child alone with a lethal weapon

This sounds terrible, but I hope the dead girl’s mother suffers mentally for the rest of her life as she doesn’t deserve to have children.

But then this tragedy wouldn’t have occurred in the first place if America wasn’t so ignorant to the fact that guns are deadly, completely unnecesasry and generally end up in the hands of psychopaths.

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