Long Job

Mrs Sheila White, of Stockport, Greater Manchester, wrote the following to the Your Letters section of the Daily Mirror. It reads:

Yes, we’d like to see Labour in power after the election, but don’t expect miracles. It will be a long job to put things right.

You may think from some of my articles that I’m a keen advocate of the Tories or of the ConDems, but I’m really not; David Cameron is a spineless drip who changes his mind more often than I change my Y-fronts. What annoys me is that everything is blamed on the ConDems and people refuse to accept that Labour is accountable for anything.

Mrs White, please take note of the following: It was Labour who were running the country when we went through that slight recession a few years ago. It was also Labour who declared the war on Iraq, claiming that they had weapons of mass destruction. As for the “long job”, why do you think the hated ConDems need to make so many cuts? We’re stillĀ in the “long job” of the ConDems trying to clear up Labour’s mess and reckless spending.

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