Pointless Appliance Protection Insurance

About 4 years ago, I bought a new dish washer which came with a 2 year warranty. When the 2 year warranty expired, Hotpoint kindly wrote to me and asked me to take out an extended warranty, which I did. You know, just in case.

Last year, when the extended warranty expired, Hotpoint wrote to me again, asking if I’d like to extend the warranty for yet another year. Being an obliging fellow, I obliged them.

Extended warranties aren’t especially cheap and most of the time, you don’t use them so effectively, you’re throwing your money down the drain.

When Hotpoint wrote to me again a few weeks ago, asking if I’d like to extend the extended, extended warranty again I decided not to, by ignoring the letter. My logic dictated that the dishwasher is 4 years old now so it could work out more economical by repairing it if it packs up.

This morning, the door to the dishwasher stopped shutting properly- the latch is broken so it won’t turn on because it thinks the door is open.

Is the dishwasher fitted with some sort of remote-controlled, self-destruct function which is controlled by Hotpoint? Why couldn’t the door have broken 3 weeks ago?

Hotpoint, you sneaky bastards. You’re not getting any more of my money.

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