Dirty Scumbags

Unfortunately, there’s a few families that live around me who have no issues with dumping their unwanted crap out by the road. It will then stay there for weeks before it mysteriously disappears.

There’s been all sorts dumped; washing machines, fridges, televisions and furniture. These people live here, so why would they want the area they live in looking like a scrap yard? I can only assume that their homes are a bit grotty inside, as they clearly don’t care about Dumped setteeliving in their own shit. A settee has been outside for a week and some old carpet appeared yesterday.

The thing is, the council will come and collect a certain amount of bulky items from you each year, for free. Even if you use up your annual “free” allowance, it only costs a few quid at any other time. This poses 2 questions:

  1. Why don’t the dirty scumbags just ring the council and ask for their rubbish to be collected?
  2. Why do so many families have so much waste?

The amount of rubbish which gets dumped outside suggests that expensive itemsDumped carpet are┬ábeing replaced on a regular basis- there’s only so many houses around me and large items are dumped weekly.

The rubbish is always dumped during the night, so it’s impossible to work out who’s responsible each time. One of the families was foolish enough to keep an item which matched some dumped furniture outside their house. After it was there for a week, I saw one of the family members and asked if they’d chased the council about collecting the dumped chair. She said she had so I suggested that she try chasing them again. The dumped chair was taken on the next collection day.

Of course, she may have called the council in the first place and they may have failed to collect it, but it makes you wonder whether or not that’s the case.

I take pride in my house and the area I live in. Not to an excessive degree, whereby everything has to be perfectly aligned and pefectly smart or tidy; just to the degree that I don’t want the area cluttered up with old shit.

Do you dump your old shit in the street?

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