Samantha Brick and French Dogs

When I’m bored, I like to have a look at Samantha Brick’s Daily Mail column, just so I can get annoyed and write a bitchy post about her. She’s written a new article which has surprised me more than any of her previous articles.

I was surprised because what she’s written is a nice, caring article about abandoned dogs in France.

I like to think I’m quite a reasonable person and am more than happy to give credit where credit’s due. As much as I’d love to write a post which is full of hatred and sarcasm towards Brick, I have to say that I rather liked her article which frustrates me, as an angry article is much easier to write and is more entertaining to read.

In her latest article, Brick basically writes that dogs are abandoned regularly in France because of the cavalier attitude towards pets; they end up being dumped with English folk, who are much more pet-friendly. Brick has adopted a couple of dogs, which is highly commendable.

I love animals and have two dogs myself; one of which is a rescue dog. This may be part of the reason for me appreciating Brick’s latest article. The fact that it isn’t one of her usual arrogant, vain and ridiculous articles probably helps too.

Brick isn’t all bad after all.

Can you believe Brick has a heart?

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      1. You’re correct; I haven’t built my own company, haven’t worked 100 hours a week for years on end nor have I sacrificed leisure time while buddies were out on vacation.

        I just write this blog.

        Thanks anyway for your spam comment, which I’ve removed your hyperlink from.

  1. As you may or may not have seen from my posts about customer service, I highlight both negative and positive experiences. I think it’s only fair that I extend the same gratitude towards Samantha Brick, regardless of how much of a twat I believe her to be.

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