Follow the Fiver

I’m going to play a little game, involving a £5 note.

I scribbled a little message on a £5 note which I’ve recently spent. This message instructs the new owner of the £5 note on how to let me know they’ve got it and where they got it from.

£5 noyr

In theory, I’ll be able to track the £5 note and see where it ends up. If you want to follow the £5 note too, save this link as a bookmark and keep checking it out.

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I’m Ninja Hedgehog, the creator of the Ninja Hedgehog website. I've written various things over the years but started Ninja Hedgehog in October 2011. I write about all kind of subjects but will never write about sport. Ever.
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4 Responses to Follow the Fiver

  1. Andie says:

    Unless of course it ends up with Kate Moss and your message is inhaled off immediately.

    • Ninja Hedgehog says:

      I’m one step ahead of you.

      I used special ink which is infused with industrial-strength laxative. One snort with that £5 note and she won’t be leaving the toilet this side of June.

  2. Andie says:

    She’d love that. It’ll be the next diet craze.

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