I Can Predict Samantha Brick’s Future

For the second time recently, I’ve been surprised by something that Samantha Brick has written. We all know that she has some pretty controversial views, but it seems that perhaps Brick is more naive and vulnerable than she lets on.

In Brick’s latest article, she writes how she’s spent approximately £25,000.00 on psychic guidance over the years. One piece of advice she followed was to leave a previous husband, although she admits that she knew long before that her marriage was over and that it was never a smooth relationship.

I know there are people who believe in spiritual and psychic ability, but it’s not something I take seriously in the slightest. However, I don’t mock those who do believe in such things because everyone’s entitled to their own opinions.

Personally, I don’t see how anyone can predict a stranger’s future. For a start, this suggests that our futures are predetermined and that there’s no way to deviate from the path that’s been set for us. If it’s predicted that you will be injured in a serious accident in the next 5 years, does this mean that there’s no avoiding it and that you need to spend the next 5 years fearful of leaving your house?

Psychics are scam-artists. They pick up on things that you say so any advice given is vague at best and is purely based on your own responses. In Brick’s article, she even confirmed that most of the advice and guidance given to her was inaccurate. If a psychic really does have special abilities, why would they need to ask you any questions? They wouldn’t- they’d simply ‘sense’ it or gather everything from their tarot cards.

It’s the same as religion; people go through life praying to a god that they can’t see or whose existence can even be demonstrated, yet when things go well for them, they give credit to this unseen being. But what about when things go wrong? Does that mean someone didn’t pray hard enough? Was god just being a bit of a bastard on that particular day? Of course not- it just means that god was “testing” them. That seems like a bit of a religion get-out clause to me. Plenty of good things have happened to me in my life and I’ve not prayed a single time. I’ve also had my fair share of shit, but I’ve attributed this to being “just one of those things”. I’m deviating a little here, so back to the point.

You don’t need someone else to guide you in life; nor do you need to spend your life believing that something good or bad is specifically going to happen. How can you live a happy life with that hanging over your head? I don’t think you can.

For a woman who makes out that she’s incredibly strong and independant, Brick is surprisingly weak and feeble; even bordering on pathetic. When you consider that she fears putting on weight because her current husband will leave her and that she previously spent a considerable sum on psychic guidance, it makes you realise that perhaps she’s not very strong after all. I’d even go as far as calling her stupid, but I realise that there’s all kinds of different reasons for someone to turn to a psychic for advice.

I feel sorry for Brick and I believe that if she hadn’t been as fortuante  in younger years career-wise, she’d simply be a sad, middle-aged, bitter woman that no one had every heard of. In fact, I’m actually beginning to like Brick because she could be human after all.

The title of this post is an ironic one- no one can predict Brick’s future nor the one of anyone else. You make your own future, so live your life without worrying about anyone else’s expectations or advice.

Did you know I was going to write this post before Samantha Brick did?

3 Replies to “I Can Predict Samantha Brick’s Future”

  1. I knew you were going to write this post, also I know that you are going to carry on writing posts about Ms Brick here as part of your vindictive campaign of hatred. Does that make me psychic ?

    1. I object to your suggestion that I am waging a vindictive campaign of hatred against Ms. Brick; I just think she’s an interesting subject.

      Your knowledge that I was going to write this post simply implies that I’m predictable, so it isn’t really knowledge at all. It’s also a lie that you thought I was going to write this.

  2. I think Ms. Bricks most recent articles show that shes more human than she would lead us to believe. Maybe shes actually quite a nice person after all?

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