Dirtier Scumbags

A few days ago, I told you how some disgusting people who live in the same road as me think it’s quite acceptable to deposit their old shit outside our homes. Believe it or not, more crap has been dumped over the weekend. Someone is obviously having a giant clearout.

Carpet dumped outside on Thursday
Carpet dumped outside on Thursday

I have my suspicions on who the culprit is and I know that she is currently having a little refurbishment, but I’ve not seen her or any members of her family actually dumping this stuff so it wouldn’t be fair for me to blame her.

I’m not always a fair person though- it’s definitely her.

I really can’t even begin to understand how anyone can not feel guilty about simply dumping their stuff out on the road, making the whole area look like a shit-hole. If I need to sell my house at any time, potential buyers will be put off by the fact that I appear to live in a council dump. I can’t even begin to describe how angry these dirty, scummy people make me- it’s totally beyond belief.

Stuff dumped as of yesterday afternoon
Stuff dumped as of yesterday afternoon

This afternoon, I rang the council to tell them that there’s a fly-tipping problem down my road and was asked if I knew who was responsible. I  explained that I know a

particular woman had dumped her stuff by the road before, but that I didn’t know whether or not it was her doing it again as I’ve not seen anyone this time. A warden will be sent out to have a look but unless there’s any hard evidence to implicate anyone with the fly-tipping (which there’s not at the moment), the council will simply get the stuff collected and no further action will be taken.

In the meantime, I’m going to print some leaflets, which I will post through letterboxes tonight. The leaflet reads:


Sadly, some local residents feel that it’s perfectly acceptable to dump their unwanted items on the grass verge areas outside/next to our homes.

We’re fortunate enough to live on a nice road with plenty of grass areas and it’s a shame that a small minority are quite happy to ruin this for everyone else.

[the local] Council will collect up to 3 bulky items at a time for free during any 12 month period- this can be arranged by ringing [the local council].

If you have already had bulky items collected within the last 12 months, please find a way of getting your items taken to the local household waste site. It is not fair or acceptable to simply dump your rubbish outside our homes.

If you’ve arranged a collection with [the local] Council and your items have not been picked up, please contact [the local] Council and chase them up. If you see someone dumping their items outside our homes, please contact [the local] Council to report this, as it is a criminal offence.

Please take a little bit of pride in the area which we live in.

Discarded bed frame
Discarded bed frame

I would love to catch the dirty scumbag who’s dumping this crap outside our homes because I wouldn’t hesitate to ring the council and report them. It’d be even better if I could think quickly enough and take a photo of them caught in the act- you have no idea how much pleasure that would bring me.

I’m not getting so uptight about this because I’m a do-gooder who thinks I’m better than anyone else. I’m doing this because I don’t want to live in a shit-hole.

Do you want to live on a council waste site?

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