Spot the Apprentice Vegetable

Episode 4 of The Apprentice was quite possibly the dullest episode so far in the history of the show.

To be honest, I don’t even know what to write.

The two teams had to purchase fresh farm produce, set up a shop and then sell the fresh farm produce. Luisa headed Evolve and Neil headed Endeavour.

Evolve had the brilliant idea of selling buffalo meat. It’s expensive, but it’s a niche product and something people will pay a premium for. I recently tried a buffalo burger and it was delicious- once I’d seen the sign advertising it, I couldn’t ignore it. That’s why Evolve managed to successfully sell their buffalo.

Neil proudly stated that he was “a born leader” and that he could “drive people to get results” which, to a degree, is true. How else would he have “led” Uzma into the boardroom where he “drove” her out of the process with the “result” being that he had one less contender to go against? Endeavour was doomed to lose from the very second that he mentioned the “born leader” crap.

By the way, Evolve won the task and Uzma got fired, just in case you didn’t get that from the last paragraph.

Neil was criticised for pushing his home-made shakes but this is something that the candidates don’t quite grasp- if you have a specialist knowledge which can be put to use, utilise it wherever you can. It’s good business practice.

I was a little surprised by Evolve touting their fresh milk as the cheapest in London and even more surprised that SLABS didn’t pick them up on this- there’s always a Tesco’s Metro somewhere and I’m willing to bet the milk is cheaper there.

The highlight of this episode was when Jordan asked SLABS if he had ever tried buffalo meat and when he replied that he hadn’t, he told him that he should try it. That went down like a lead cabbage as SLABS clearly isn’t used to being told what he should and should not do.

I know it’s mainly due to the way The Apprentice is edited, but Jason and Rebecca didn’t really feature much in tonight’s episode. This can only mean that they’re both going to be PMs next week.

After this week’s episode, Neil now only has a 91.67% chance of failure. The odds keep decreasing and I’m amazed that he’s lasted for so long after stating that he was in it to win, which is usually the first sign that someone will fail spectacularly. I’m going to look a total prat if Neil ends up winning.

Alex Mills
Natalie Panayi
Neil Clough
Rebecca Slater
Sophie Lau
Tim Stillwell
Uzma Yakoob
Zeeshaan Shah
Francesca MacDuff-Varley
Jason Leech
Jaz Ampaw-Farr
Jordan Poulton
Kurt Wilson
Leah Totton
Luisa Zissman
Myles Mordaunt

Do you know where London’s cheapest milk can be found?

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