Alleged Terrorist Attack

Yesterday, in Woolwich, south east London, someone was viciously and brutally murdered in a busy street, in the middle of the afternoon. It’s being called a “terrorist attack”.

I’m not writing this about the attack itself- just Google that if you want. I’m writing about what happened afterwards. I refuse to watch any of the news reports or read up on it because I don’t want to know the gory details- they’re neither here nor there. It happened and it shoudln’t have done- that’s it. In summary, there were two men involved in the murder and they initially drove a car into the victim before he was attacked with a machete.

Apparently, these crazy men are Islamic extremists because of what one of them was ranting after the attack.

I can’t believe that footage of one of these madmen ranting after the attack, with bloodied hands and knife still in his hand, was shown on the early evening news. I was around someone’s house at the time and their 2 young daughters were playing in the same room where images similar to those that you’d expect from a Quentin Tarantino film were being transmitted to us. Yes, the news was important and needed to be reported, but did we really need to be privy to the guts and gore? Some of you will argue that yes, we did, so that we could appreciate how brutal and vicious the attack was. Personally, I’d argue that hearing on the TV of a man being beheaded on the streets of Woolwich in the middle of the afternoon was quite enough. This footage being shown combined with reports that this was a terrorist attack, is totally irresponsible and in my opinion, will only serve to cause aggravation and raise tension over religious views. Since the attack, a mosque has been vandalised in a suspected revenge attack, which isn’t surprising when you consider this irresponsible reporting combined with the attitudes of racists in our country.

I don’t know much about religion and the various beliefs because I’m not a religious person myself. I live my life in my own way and treat people as I wish to be treated- this has served me well so far. Perhaps it’s because of this that I don’t understand why these madmen are being called Islamic extremists. As far as I could tell, they are simply madmen and I don’t think that religion even came into this.

Although I don’t know much about religion, I do know that Islam is a peaceful religion. It’s only when small minorities misinterpret the meaning of it that it becomes terrorism. How can any belief system where there’s a god encourage and promote violence against others? I can’t see how it does and if I’m wrong about that, it’s even more reason to not have religion in my life, thank you very much.

In other footage, a woman can be seen standing in front of one of the madmen. She’s been hailed as brave and already a still of this is doing the rounds on Facebook, with people being asked to “like” it because we need more people like her in the world.

If you ask me, she’s a fucking idiot. I don’t know whether she has family or not, but what was she hoping to achieve? This guy had just butchered someone in a busy street and she could have been his next victim. Yes, there are brave people in the world and yes, I admire selfless acts of courage. Pushing someone out of the way of a car or being a non-swimmer and diving in to a lake to save a drowning person is brave. Tackling this madman to the ground if he started to wave his machete around at others would have been brave. Trying to stop a speeding train by standing in front of it and holding your hands out is stupid. Trying to calm a machete-wielding madman in the street is also stupid. No doubt this woman will be touted as a hero in the war against terrorism but if you ask me, she should be sectioned.

Apparently, police are stepping up security in an attempt to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again. I would have loved to have been a part of that thought process- what on earth can the police do to stop someone from driving their car into an innocent person, pulling out a machete and carving them up? Other than ask the general public nicely not to commit such heinous acts of violence, not an awful lot, that’s what.

Something I’m a big fan of is random street searches and checks on cars. I’ve seen police shows on TV where someone is stopped for a random check, so they become argumentative and accuse the police of wasting time as they’re not out catching real criminals. Ironically, a lot of these randomly stopped people do have drugs or weapons in their cars. I’m all for these random searches and would never object to being stopped in the street by the police for one. This is protection.

Hopefully, there’s sufficient evidence for this madman to be given a life sentence. You may laugh at that, but nowadays there’s always a reason for someone to not receive the punishment they deserve, whether it be human rights or good behaviour.

If this madman had killed a police officer, Theresa May would have him locked up for life, not just for the few years dished out for murdering someone like you, I or Lee Rigby.

Do we need the media to create more fear in an already-fearful society?

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