Drunk Bidding

In March, I took part in the 2013 Mac 4×4 Challenge (I’ll be taking part in the 2014 Mac 4×4 Challenge, too). At the after-event party, there was a charity auction, where I got pissed and tried to win most of the items being auctioned off.

Obviously, all money raised went to Macmillan Cancer Support, but next year I’ll try not to get quite as pissed as I did, as the influence of alcohol makes it very easy to bid more money than you have and more money than you would ordinarily be prepared to pay. I feel sorry for those who could afford to bid more than me but whose bids were pushed up unnecessarily due to my own stubbornness and lack of money.

The last item of the auction was a photo taken of the overall winning team having their car pulled out of a ditch by one of the support vehicles. No one was aware of this incident and I don’t think they knew the photo even existed, so when it was announced, it was a bit of a surprise.

I don’t know why I wanted that photo so badly, but I made sure that my bid was the winning one. Fortunately, no one was prepared to pay more than my bid of £35.00, which indicates that everyone else was now skint or had started to sober up.

I was starting to wonder whether the photo even existed and had given up hope on ever receiving it. However, I have received a cardboard tube with the long-awaited  photo in it and it was worth every penny. I may hang it up in my front room despite the fact that no one else will ever really understand it.

Here’s the expensive photo which no one else will ever understand…

Car Pull

Have you bought something whilst pissed?

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