Ninja Hedgehog Updated

You may have noticed quite a big change to Ninja Hedgehog. That’s because I’ve changed it and I hope you like these changes.

If you’re interested in the nitty gritty, I’ve switched from B2Evolution to WordPress. There’s several reasons behind my decision.

To tweak B2evolution and get it working the way I wanted it to, I had to modify a lot of the core files. This was no good because every time an update was provided, I couldn’t install it. If I did, all of the modified core files would be replaced, undoing all my tweaks.

B2Evolution was easy to use and I did enjoy using it. However, WordPress has identical functionality but with the added benefit of some nice features. The main feature that did it for me is the WordPress iPhone app. With this, I can create, update or delete any posts. The other feature that I especially like is the fact that with WordPress, I can upload an image to the post I’m writing rather than having to insert a link to the image, which has to be hosted elsewhere with B2Evolution. There may have been a plugin available for that with B2Evolution, but I don’t like using plugins because they can conflict with each other sometimes- it’s just a personal preference.

Almost forgot- I can enable automatic database backups via email with WordPress, which saves so much time and. Sans that I don’t need to turn on the PC every day!

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to transfer data from one blog to another. There’s pieces of software out there that claim to do this, but they’re not cheap and I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable using them. The only solution (which was time-consuming and tedious) was to copy the HTML source code of each post and then paste it into the new blog. This was fine, apart from when I somehow managed to miss 2 posts entirely and only copied their titles. Because of this, I had to open the database backup in a text editor and trawl through the lines of text to find the missing posts!

Anyway, it’s all moved to the new blog now. As usual, any comments and suggestions are more than welcome- please email these to

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