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In July last year, I had cause to complain to Thorpe Park. They kindly sent me some courtesy tickets, which I used yesterday.

The weather was perfect and although Thorpe Park wasn’t as quiet as I would have hoped, I was able to get on all of the main rides.

The only issue I had was when I bought unlimited drinks.

I arrived at Thorpe Park for 10am, when it opened. As I entered, I stopped at a stall by the main entrance where for £6, you could buy a drink bottle and have it topped up for free throughout the day. As food and drink are expensive at Thorpe Park, it seemed silly not to get one.

When I first ran out of drink, I went and had it refilled without a hitch. The second time I ran out, I visited one of the kiosks but was told that because I didn’t have a receipt, I couldn’t get a refill. I politely explained that I hadn’t been given a receipt  but was directed to the customer service desk, where they’d be able to issue me with a receipt.

I wasn’t best-pleased about having to head back to the entrance of Thorpe Park, especially as I was now at one of the furthest points away from the entrance, but it needed to be done.

Before visiting the customer service desk, I thought I’d go back to the stall where I’d first bought my drink bottle. It was just in the process of being packed up as I arrived.

I explained my predicament to the same young girl who had served me earlier and she very quickly apologised and pulled a receipt out of her pocket before handing it to me. She explained that mine was the only receipt she’d forgotten to give that day and that when she realised she hadn’t given it to me, she tried to call me back but I’d already gone (why would I hang around?).  I took the receipt and left, but afterwards, I noticed the receipt had been produced at something like 08:50, which means that mine wasn’t the only receipt she’d forgotten to issue that day because I’d bought my bottomless drink after 10:00.

Once I had my receipt, I felt that a visit to the customer service desk was still required. As I’d wasted time going back to get my receipt, I was going to ask for a FastTrack pass- it seemed only fair on account of the time wasted to get hold of a receipt for my drink bottle. Incidentally, I wasn’t asked for the receipt again that day, despite filling up several times.

As usual, customer services were brilliant. The guy serving me was very apologetic and before I could even ask for a FastTrack pass, he offered me one, which was valid for one ride only. Of course, I graciously accepted.

Strangely, the FastTrack pass doesn’t look very professionally produced and could possibly be easily recreated, if that was the type of thing which was in your nature to do.

The first time I used the FastTrack pass, a member of staff at the entrance gate just glanced at it and allowed me through, which was a bit of a result because I’d be able to use it again- and I did.

I presented the FastTrack pass on a second ride and this time, a small tear was made in it by the member of staff at the entrance gate. I have no idea why they don’t take it off of you to avoid it from being abused- it’s not like you should be able to use it again. It just means that someone may go home and scan a copy of it, so that it can be printed off in colour at home before another visit to Thorpe Park– if someone was that way inclined.

I had a very pleasant day, with my mood only dampened ever so slightly at 18:00 when it was time to leave because I’d forgotten to pay for my parking and had to queue up to do this. The £5 charge for parking should definitely be included in the entry price.

Do you need a receipt to top up my drink?

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