Find My Money

The little game I wanted to play by trying to track my ex-£5 note has so far failed. Despite scribbling some contact details on it, no one has been in touch.

I’ve now scribbled on a different £5 note and a £10 note too, doubling the chances of someone getting in touch. Save this link as a bookmark to follow the progress (if there is any).

About Ninja Hedgehog

I’m Ninja Hedgehog, the creator of the Ninja Hedgehog website. I've written various things over the years but started Ninja Hedgehog in October 2011. I write about all kind of subjects but will never write about sport. Ever.
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2 Responses to Find My Money

  1. jasonsvitch says:

    Why do you not write about sports, I particularly like watersports.

    • Ninja Hedgehog says:

      Thanks for your comment. I think that more people should partake in water-skiing, diving, surfing etc.

      We don’t see enough of these people on our coasts.

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