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I had to pay £5 to someone whom I don’t see very often. These days there’s various ways to make payments, so I was spoilt for choice- which method could I use to make my payment?

I have a Santander bank account, a NatWest bank account, a PayPal account and a Pingit account; I have an app for each of these on my iPhone.

Seeing as I’m on my PC, I could have used the internet to make the payment with either SantanderNatWest or PayPal. With Santander, I’d need to set up the payment, wait for a special code to be sent to me via SMS before entering it back onto the Santander website to authorise the payment. Doing this with NatWest would be slightly trickier; I’d need to set up the payment, use my card reader (which is somewhere unknown at present), use my bank card with the card reader and generate a code before entering it back onto the NatWest website to authorise the payment. What a gigantic faff.

"Pay Your Contacts"PayPal (either the mobile app or the website) wasn’t really an option as I don’t know if the person I need to pay has a PayPal account (I didn’t ask).

Pingit wasn’t ideal because I have a zero balance in my Pingit account, so before using it I’d need to transfer the money from my Santander or my NatWest account first of all, which would either mean logging in to the relevant website to initiate the payment or using the relevant mobile app. My Pingit account details are saved with both Santander and NatWest, so the actual transfer to my Pingit account wouldn’t require the use of any codes. I’ve not used Pingit before but understand that I can send a payment to a person’s mobile number and that they can somehow retrieve the money. Was this really the most simple and elegant way to do this?

There’s another way, thanks to the NatWest mobile app; Pay Your Contacts. I’ve neverConfirmation of payment used this before, but I think it works in the same way as Pingit. You select a contact and type in the amount you wish to pay them before confirming the payment. If the intended recipient also has the NatWest mobile app, the payment goes straight into their NatWest account. If that person doesn’t have the NatWest mobile app, they receive a text which includes a link- they click on the link and follow the instructions; they’ll need to confirm the amount being paid to them and enter their bank card details. A day or two later, the payment appears in their account. Job done.

I used this method and it worked flawlessly. Within minutes of sending the payment, I received a screenshot back from the person I’d just paid which showed confirmation of the payment being successfully accepted. How clever is that?

As far as I know, Pingit and NatWest mobile apps are the only ones which work in this way at the moment (no doubt more banks will follow suit in the very near future). The NatWest mobile app is my favourite banking app out there- it’s much nicer than others I’ve used; especially the Santander one, which is just too busy and not as intuitive to use. The NatWest mobile app is clean, simple and functional- there’s no unnecessary clutter.

Another good feature of the NatWest mobile app is the Get Cash facility. If you forget your bank card or you need to lend/give someone else some cash, you can generate a unique code within the app which can be used at a NatWest/RBS ATM to withdraw a predetermined cash amount without the use of a bank card– the transaction needs to be confirmed at the ATM by obviously having the code and knowing the amount of the withdrawal which has been agreed.


I love the NatWest mobile app; it really does make sending and receiving money incredibly simple.

Have you needed to withdraw cash from your iPhone before?


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