Camping: An Experience for Employed People

I’m currently at a campsite on the edges of the New Forest. I’ve been trying to relax all day, but it’s been surprisingly difficult. Whilst looking around this evening, something dawned upon me.

The whole idea of camping is that you’re self sufficient and at one with nature. You erect your tent, put all the bare essentials in it and if you’re lucky, you’ll have an inflatable mattress and a decent sleeping bag.

When it’s time for food, you either build your own fire from wood found laying around or you use a gas stove. You then wait ages for your fire to become hot enough and if you’re slightly impatient, you would have given up ages ago and nipped off down to McDonalds.

I’m all for the gas fire cooking and trying to keep warm during the night. Hell, even if it rains, I’m not put off at all.

This evening, the people in the tent next to mine are playing loud music and there’s a topless man sitting in a deck chair outside, drinking beer. In the tent behind mine, there’s screaming kids, who are successfully out-screaming their mother. When the music isn’t playing and the screamers aren’t screaming, the traffic from the nearby motorway can be clearly heard. 70% of the women here aren’t wearing a bra; 95% of those really NEED to be wearing a bra.

In summary, I’ve travelled 100 miles from home to take a relaxing break in the canvas version of a council estate- I’m even paying for the privilege!

The only thing missing is a burnt out car and the early morning police-raids on suspected drug dealers (although I’ve smelt some suspicious smells from the tent 2 tents down).

So if you work, pay your taxes and don’t watch daytime television but would like to see what it’s like to live like that, I highly recommend going camping. When it gets to the point where no amount of hot showers will make you feel clean, you can simply pack up your tent and return to the safety of your own home again. That’s if no one steals your tent.

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