How Do You Write a Good Blog?

What to Write?
I often have ideas for posts I want to write, as does every other blogger and those whose brain never takes a break.

But which of those ideas should I get as far as actually publishing? What makes a good blog?

A blog is only as good as the posts which are published on it. It’s very well and good having an all-singing, all-dancing, bells-and-whistles, fancy website which looks wonderfully professional, but if what’s written on it isn’t worth a wank, what’s the point?

I’m sure every blog writer does the following:

Firstly, you start off with an idea and decide to put pen to paper (or keyboard to monitor, although this doesn’t quite have the same ring to it). If your idea is worth developing or continuing with, then fantastic. Annoyingly, I find that I either run out of creative ideas, realise an idea was a stupid idea or simply can’t be arsed to continue with an idea, so the draft gets deleted.

I’ll give you two examples of this from today.

Annoying Bush
My garden is now a mess

Firstly, I decided to do some cutting back and trimming in the garden this evening with the intention of getting the chipper out and filling up my brown bin. One particular bush in the corner of my garden is especially overgrown and overwhelmed by bindweed. Whilst trying to tidy this bush, I was becoming increasingly frustrated by it’s stubbornness and at how difficult the bindweed was making things for me.

I ended up becoming angry with the overgrown bush; feeling hatred because it was deliberately trying to mock me and make things unnecessarily awkward.

I’ve sorted out the bindweed problem, but I’ve also trimmed the bush back to within an inch of it’s life- it’s ridiculously bare and will probably die. It’s near-removal has opened up part of the garden but the downsides are that I’m covered in dozens of scratches and that I now have a gigantic pile of chipping to do.

For the second example, I was going to have a moan about Facebook and the arguments it creates. Or rather, the arguments you become aware of and inadvertently become a part of because of Facebook messenger. Apparently, you can do group messages now, so I had no choice but to watch my sisters argue over ridiculous stuff- evidently you can’t voluntarily leave a group chat, which is nice.

Stupid Facebook App
False notification…

Oh, and the Facebook app icon on my homescreen is telling me that there’s a notification but when I go into the app itself, there’s nothing to be notified of and the notification won’t disappear.

So, are thse things that you’d read about?

I couldn’t think of how to drag either idea out into a full post and after a relatively short thought process, I decided that neither was worth wasting any further time on.

Because Ninja Hedgehog has no specific genre, there’s no specialist topic or anything that visitors can reasonably expect, although saying that, how many blogs are there which offer the same sort of random, irrelevant nonsense?

Quite a few that I know of or have come across.

There’s three or four blogs which I read on a regular basis; WitWitWoo is written by a single mum who writes about a whole variety of things, including different events that she attends. Her most recent post was about letting her young son out on his own, which isn’t usually anything that I would give much thought to but the way in which she’s written the post makes you appreciate what a big step this was for her.

Waffle is written by someone who only posts once a month or so. This is good in the sense that the posts are more in-depth and well thought out, but it’s a shame that there aren’t more of them; even if they were occasionally only short ones, I’m sure they’d be just as well written. The posts on this particular blog are based on personal experiences, so the topic of each post varies each time and makes for a better, more personal read.

The third blog I read is A Dad Called Spen. The most recent post was simply about having a nice day. There was nothing exciting about it and to a degree, it was quite pointless, but I enjoyed reading it because to the author, it was a nice day for various reasons. Some of the things I write about (for example, spending the day at Groombridge Place) don’t mean anything to most of you, but to me, it was something worth writing about.

That’s what a blog is.

I like all three of these blogs which are quite different to each other, but when you break them down into their simplest form, they’re just a few thoughts which started in someone’s head and which ended up being relayed to the internet.

So if blogs are pointless, boring and irrelevant, why do we enjoy reading them so much?

It’s because they’re written by real people. They’re not stories and they don’t pretend to be anything they’re not. Each blogger has their own ideas about what they want to write- what may be dull to me may bring hours of literary joy to another. I enjoy being in the author’s shoes for the time it takes to read their post. I like to think the same way as and see things from the author’s point of view, even if it is for only 10 minutes or so.

A good blog is just like a friend. You can’t possibly like everyone you ever meet and only a few of the ones you do like end up becoming friends because of the certain things you like about them.

Your friends all have different personalities and different quirks. One may be funny, another may be caring, another may be the one who tells you how things really are; it’s rare for you to have a friend with all of those /your favourite values combined.

I like the different and varied things from WitWitWoo, the depth, seriousness and thoughtfulness of Waffle and the random, normal day-to-day stuff of A Dad Called Spen. Each blog is like a friend who’s always there, which is why I keep going back to them.

So, how do you write a good blog?

The answer is simple.

You don’t. You just write.

Is Ninja Hedgehog your friend?

6 Replies to “How Do You Write a Good Blog?”

  1. Great post and thank you for the kind words about Waffle. I can assure you, it’s not well thought out. More of an emotion driven, spur of the moment blog I write just for myself. It’s always nice to know someone else has taken the time to read it. I like the randomness and short, sharp, bursts style of blogging on Ninja Hedgehog. You don’t have to invest much into it emotionally and it often brings a smile to your face. Looking forward to reading more from the new contributor as well.

    1. Thank you for your kind words about Ninja Hedgehog- I’m glad you like the style.

      The good thing about blogs is that you can pick and choose which ones you read; obviously choosing to read the ones which you’ll enjoy. Your blog is one of the ones which I enjoy.

      I’ve found many blogs by looking around for ideas for Ninja Hedgehog; not so that I can steal any ideas, but to get inspiration from. I don’t know how many different blogs you read but if you don’t already, have a look around as there are some good ones out there!

      I too am looking forward to posts from Wicket as I think they will offer some diversity. The original intention with Ninja Hedgehog was to have several writers so that it would appeal to a wider audience. It simply never happened.

      Is Ninja Hedgehog a good blog? If so, is it the randomness and short, sharp style that makes it so, or just one or two of these aspects?

        1. Unfortunately, due to not being able to spell “information” I consider you to be more like the Kim Jong-un of the dictator world…

  2. To be honest I start reading quite a few blogs but if the articles are too long I switch off. I would rather short articles more often than long articles occasionally.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      Generally, I’m too lazy to bother with long articles, but there have been the odd one or two long ones on Ninja Hedgehog.

      Hopefully, Ninja Hedgehog is right up your street.

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