I Was Right About the Dirtier Scumbags

Dumped CarpetA couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how a few local families find it acceptable to dump their old crap by the side of the road, in the hope that someone else will clear it up. I also said in no uncertain terms that I thought it was the same woman who had dumped her old crap out by the road before.

I was totally right- it was her.

I had called the council and told them about the problem in my area with people dumping their stuff out on the street.

A few days later, the carpet and other bits of wood had been removed and the dumped settee has now been moved to outside the scummy woman’s house, covered over with blue tarpaulin. You can’t tell from the photo because it’s since been covered over a little better, but this is definitely the same beige, leather settee.Covered Settee

The dumping issue has definitely become worse since she moved in around a year ago so I can confidently say that it is her dumping at least most of the rubbish and old furniture.

Being right doesn’t make me feel any better; it just frustrates me more that for as long as the old bag lives there, I’ll have to regularly side-step her old crap to get to my car.

Is there a scummy family near you which you wish would hurry up and move along?

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