It’s About Time the Government Started to Make Cutbacks

Isn’t it about time we stopped blaming the government for everything? Yes, David Cameron is a bit of a spineless twat who changes his mind more than he changes his underpants, but let’s not forget that as a country, we desperately need to start saving money.We’ve spent a fortune bailing out the banks, but we’ve had to do that because of what these banks put back in to the community. Of course some of the bonuses are too big, but how else are they supposed to retain the most important members of staff? There’s been lots of criticism in the press recently of how investment banks ‘gamble’ with huge amounts of money- this has caused uproar. How on earth do people not reaslise that ultimately, this is how business is done? In one way or another, every single business in the world has to gamble something- you have to speculate to accumulate.

Someone recently wrote a letter to my daily newspaper:

Raising the speed limit to 80mph is a good idea. We use more fuel, so pay more tax. The Tories have thought it through

So, it has nothing to do with the fact that the speed limit has remained at 70mph since 1965? Or that modern cars are much safer, much more fuel efficient and can probably stop a lot quicker than cars made 10 years ago or more? Wow- the Tories really have thought this through- they’ll be raking in trillions in extra fuel duty. We could always scupper the Tories’ plans by sticking at 70mph anyway (a speed limit is the maximum permissable speed by law and not a requirement to meet that speed unless you are causing a danger to yourself or others) so they won’t make any extra money. I’m a genius!
Another letter that recently annoyed me:

Watching Oliver Twist on TV, the workhouse board members were eating well-portioned meals and the children looked on. This is what it’s going to be like if nothing changes with Cameron and Co. These Toffs don’t think about poorer people

The UK had been run by a Labour government between 1997 and 2010. In that time, more and more people started to claim benefits and we were giving money out, left, right and centre. It’s no wonder that the new government have had to make huge cuts- we can’t go on like this. For someone to refer to the ‘poorer’ people is ridiculous- what’s to stop a ‘poorer’ person going out and getting a job? I haven’t got any spectacular qualifcations or a well-paid job- I’ve got a job that pays the bills. I save up for things that I need to buy and then I buy them. The recent riots in cities across the UK were put down to anger and frustration in deprived areas. How is having no money and being deprived a reason to go out to loot and destroy? There’s plenty of jobs out there but the people of the UK are just too lazy to take them, especially if they get paid sufficient benefits to stay at home all of their lives. The sooner this governement can start making up for money wasted by the Labour government, the better. If you’re on benfits and are worried about them being cut, go out and get a job. You’re not disabled, you’re fat. You haven’t got any learning difficulties, you’re just lazy. Hopefully, the government are just in time to save us.


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