The Self-Righteous Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine KellyOn Saturday there wasn’t much to do and someone had left a copy of The Sun laying around.

After spending 8 minutes trying to work out which of the page 3 model’s boobs was bigger than the other and spending another 2 minutes wondering why her hands looked so old, I decided to have a read of the rest of the newspaper.

I didn’t know that Lorraine Kelly wrote a column in The Sun, so when I found her pages, I was half-hoping that I’d found some serious material. All I found was that Lorraine Kelly is a little too self-righteous, on account of two of the pieces she’d written in her column.

The first piece was about how Michael Christian, one of the Australian DJs allegedly responsible for the death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha, has won “The Next Top Jock” award from his bosses. According to Kelly, he should never have been nominated for the award and he certainly shouldn’t have accepted it.

Just to recap for those of you who live in a cave, Kate Middleton was in hospital with acute morning sickness. Christian and his on-air colleague, Mel Greig, rang the hospital where Middleton was staying and pretended to be members of the royal family, wanting to find out how Middleton was. Saldanha was the nurse who answered the telephone before transferring the call through to the ward which Middleton was a patient on, where a second nurse told the DJs how Middleton was doing. Saldanha couldn’t live with the guilt and topped herself.

Therefore, this is all Christian’s and Greigs’s fault, apparently. Because Saldanha’s death was the result of the prank phone call, Christian is automatically deemed to be a rubbish DJ, deserving no awards.

What a load of crap.

Saldanha simply transferred the call through to another ward, as would many others without even giving it a second thought- she provided no details of Middleton’s condition and therefore had nothing to feel guilty about. It turns out that Saldanha had attempted suicide before- Christian and Greig would have had no way of knowing this. I can only assume that the hospital where Saldanha worked had no idea of this either.

Christian and Greig played a childish prank on the wrong person, who then subsequently committed suicide- that’s not the fault of the DJs. It’s very sad that Saldanha was already on that lonely edge and incredibly unfortunate that Christian and Greig were the ones who accidentally pushed her over.

If either Christian or Greig are worthy of an award because of their DJ skills, then good for them. They should never have faced the criticism that they did over what was ultimately a silly joke which went catastrophically wrong through no fault of their own. For Kelly (or anyone else, for that matter) to say that Christian isn’t worthy of “The Next Top Jock” award because of the one incident and in all likelihood without being aware of his history or previous work on radio is quite unreasonable. I’m confident that Christian already feels bad enough about Saldanha’s death so banning him from winning any awards is slightly overkill.

The second thing which I read in Kelly’s column was about Stephen Fry, his depression and a suicide attempt last year.

Fry has battled with depression for many years and I believe he has attempted suicide before.

It’s not really a suicide attempt if an intelligent person, such as Fry, tries to end it all with tablets and alcohol (which is how Fry did it last year) because there’s such a high risk of that method failing. If a genuine suicide attempt was intended, there are plenty of other ways which are guaranteed to end a life- anything else is just a cry for help. Therefore, many of the people who have “attempted suicide” at some point in their lives have really attempted no such thing. This can be said for Fry and even Saldanha; both clearly had their issues and weren’t able to ask for or get help.

I digress, so back to my point.

Kelly wrote something along the lines of “we need more high-profile cases of depression to raise awareness”. I can’t remember what she wrote word-for-word, but that was the gist of it.

Why do we need more high-profile cases of depression? Isn’t that the problem these days? Don’t we bury our heads in the sand and ignore everything, until a celebrity pops up with a problem, making it acceptable to acknowledge and discuss?

Kelly clearly thinks that pranksters should be penalised because a mentally-unstable nurse took her own life for transferring a telephone call and that we need more celebrities to admit to depression, just to make the rest of us feel better about it.

Incidentally, the underlying issue in each of these stories is depression and the difficulties in coping with it. What Kelly needs to remember is that it’s not always easy to tell if someone is suffering from depression or how they will cope with things whilst suffering from depression.

Kelly should offer a little sympathy to the DJs who unwittingly upset someone so much, their subject killed herself. Also, Kelly should feel free to discuss depression without the need for a “high-profile” case- there’s nothing at all stopping her from doing this.

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