An Egg-Citing Holt From the Blue: Cowell Under Attack

Simon CowellI don’t watch Britain’s Got Talent or X Factor for several reasons; the main one being that I don’t think new talent can be discovered by a panel which includes actors and comedians, who have no real experience and certainly no relevant qualifications to make them suitable judges. In “protest” of such shows, I simply don’t watch them.

I know for a fact that I’m not alone- there are thousands, if not millions of people who think these reality TV shows are a load of crap, so like me, they don’t watch them. By not watching the TV shows that you don’t enjoy, you’ll affect the viewing figures. The lower the viewing figures, the more disappointed the station executives will be and the less chance there is of such TV shows coming back for another series.

Another thing which irks me about Britain’s Got Talent is the fact that entrants from any country can apply. This year, the Hungarian act Attraction won. I really liked their act and think that they deserved to win a talent competition.

Just not our one.

The Britain’s Got Talent format has been sold to various countries worldwide and contestants have also won in the countries that they’re simply visiting to enter the competition. This isn’t really fair, is it? The shows are called xxxx’s Got Talent for a reason; they’re not called Visitors to xxxx Have Got Talent.

Personally, I think Jack Carroll should have won this year’s Britain’s Got Talent, because he’s British and he had a lot of talent. At least we can safely assume we’ll see a lot more of him in years to come- I’ve no doubt that he’ll be one of our best comedians.

No matter what people may say about Britain’s Got Talent or X Factor, if nothing else, we get to see some unique and amazing acts; acts which we’d never otherwise see or go out of our way to try and see.

Some of the runners-up are just as good, if not better than the winners, who will end up doing just as well because of their talent and the television exposure they’ve had.

The Raven Quartet are a string quartet who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2012; presumably to showcase their talent and to become better known.

Although The Raven Quartet didn’t win, they clearly achieved some necessary exposure as

The Raven Quartet
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they were part of the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony. If that doesn’t get them more work, then I don’t know what else will.

I can guarantee that one thing which won’t get them more work is a member of their quartet throwing eggs at Simon Cowell live on TV.

I don’t especially like Cowell because he’s far too smarmy and arrogant for my liking- I can’t help but feel this is simply an act for the cameras, which it may well be. Despite his fame, fortune and alleged contribution to the music industry, I really don’t think he’s all that. Nor do I like Britain’s Got Talent or X Factor, because despite any claims to the contrary, these shows exist only to pull in viewer figures for ITV.

Despite my feelings, I still don’t have the urge to protest about Cowell and his TV shows by assaulting him, because that’s just not normal.

Natalie Holt decided that she wanted to protest against Cowell by storming the stage during a live act and bombarding him with eggs because he has “too much power and influence in the entertainment industry”. She has since written:

“Everyone is scared of standing up to people like Cowell. I don’t dislike him personally; I just don’t like what he represents.

Reality TV talent shows are not the way to discover the next Beatles, or to nurture talented musicians and entertainers. The people who seem to benefit most from talent shows are the judges.”

Holt has a point and I agree with it totally. Our reality TV shows no longer search for and showcase talent, they exploit individuals in the name of popularity, but as I said earlier, the best way to protest against this is to not watch these shows in the first place.

Sadly though, Holt has made herself look like a total fucking idiot.

The Raven Quartet entered Britain’s Got Talent only last year, so it’s not like things could have changed that drastically- it’s no different now to how it was then. Surely they must have known, at least to a degree, that talent shows won’t discover the next Beatles and that the only real stars of these shows are the judges. There’s been plenty of negative press about the exploitation of entrants in the past, so to pretend that they had no idea about this when they appeared last year would be a blatant lie.

None of this excuses Holt from carrying out her protest whilst another act (Richard and Adam) were performing because what she did simply distracted the judges and the audience from the act they were supposed to be judging- this was completely selfish.

Holt was part of the backing group for Richard and Adam’s performance but had been asked to mime instead of actually play her instrument. As part of a backing group, I can’t see why this matters- she was there for effect and the performance wasn’t about her.

Richard and Adam
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Holt had been asked to mime on Britain’s Got Talent, but I can’t remember when that was supposed to have been and I’m too lazy to look it up- when it happened is irrelevant, because we know that in the past, miming and auto-tuning were commonplace.  I totally understand why someone would be a little surprised, shocked or disappointed that they were being asked to mime on a singing-based reality TV show.

What’s worse is that until Holt explained her actions much later on, no one knew what the significance of throwing eggs at Cowell was. Surely, the whole point of such a protest is for the purpose of it to be clear as otherwise (as in this case) you just look like a lunatic who popped to Tesco’s on the way to the studio, bought some eggs and decided to throw them at a music mogul.

It’s a good thing she didn’t decide to protest against John Prescott, isn’t it?

The whole situation is a bizarre one and Holt has quite possibly ruined her career; both as a soloist and as part of The Raven Quartet, who were forced to issue a statement to let everyone know that this was nothing to do with the rest of them.

Approximately 2 hours after the egg attack on Cowell and after the police had been contacted (after all, it was an assault), Holt apologised for the attack, presumably because she shit herself and didn’t think her principles were worth having a criminal record for. This isn’t the actions of someone who stands by their actions and truly believes in what they’re protesting about. Holt has also apologised for ruining Richard and Adam’s performance which is a nice gesture, possibly, but which is too little, too late. I’m sure Richard and Adam are furious with her and that no matter what, they’ll always feel that the reason they didn’t win Britain’s Got Talent was because of Holt’s ridiculous stunt.

Holt quite rightly faced criticism from various celebrities. Amanda Holden branded Holt a “stupid cow” and even Phillip Schofield had a dig at her, tweeting: “Oh dear, what a total pillock. No matter what she was doing, she only made herself look a fool, hope she enjoyed her moment of infamy…”

The plot thickens though, as Holt has since said that she isn’t sorry at all.

Holt has written:

“I am not sorry for pelting Simone Cowell with eggs. I have received many messages of support from well-known musicians who I’ve worked with in the past, who’ve contacted me privately, but who are unwilling to express their support publicly”

So she won’t be telling us who those musicians are, then?

Either Holt is lying and hasn’t received any messages of support or she has, but these well-known musicians don’t want to support her publicly because they’re more concerned about how the music industry will treat them afterwards; proving them to lack any backbone, showing a lack of the ability to ‘stand up’ for what they truly believe in and generally going totally against what Holt was protesting about. Imagine a message of support from a ‘well-known musician’, saying “I totally support your cause and I’m with you 100%, but I don’t want everyone to know this in case I don’t get any work in the music industry again. I hate the music industry and everything it stands for, but I’m quite happy to make my money from it. But I support you. Totally”. If I were Holt, I’d be pretty pissed off with the reluctance to publicly support her- that’s if the messages of support even exist.

Holt wants people to know that she’s not deranged, but I think it’s a little too late for that. She has no conviction and her ‘protest’ has come across as a half-baked, pointless act of bitterness. Holt hasn’t helped herself with some of her statements released afterwards, but at least her boyfriend and parents support her actions.

I hope The Raven Quartet replace Holt as soon as possible because she’s clearly a risk to their future. It’s a shame, because she’s clearly very talented but any career she may have had is now tainted- Holt has confirmed that she’s had some work cancelled since. Phillip Schofield certainly won’t ever be a fan of hers.

Perhaps a show should be created which showcases those who are totally off their rockers. We could call it Britain’s Got Issues and the winner can spend a week in a straight-jacket, shut in a padded cell. That is one reality TV show which I think Holt would stand a chance of winning.

Here’s the attack taking place- fast forward to about 1 minute 50 seconds in…

Have you thrown eggs at a music mogul in a deranged moment of madness before?

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