Visa’s Response to Junk Mail Association

Priority InvitationA few days ago, I wrote about how Vanquis were using dubious advertising tactics on the junk mail that they send through our doors.

I sent an email to Visa, whose logo appeared on the envelope (which was more prominent than Vanquis‘ own logo), asking if they were aware that their logo was being used alongside some false/misleading information which was also on the envelope.

Here’s Visa‘s reply:

Thank you for contacting Visa Europe.

Please be informed that Visa cardholders hold contracts with our Member banks directly. Since these contracts are held between cardholders and card issuing banks, Visa does not store cardholder personal details such as name, address, billing statements or even card numbers.

Please understand that Visa is therefore not in a position to contact cardholders by phone or send correspondence to Visa cardholders in relation to cardholders’ Visa accounts. Card issuing banks are responsible for communication regarding their cardholders’ accounts.

Please visit our website to learn more about Visa Europe:

Thank you for writing

It’s unfortunate that Visa haven’t answered my question, so I’ve replied with my question again in the hope that what I’ve said will be read properly. I’m not holding my breath.

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