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GooglePeople discover Ninja Hedgehog in various ways.

Most have the URL saved as a bookmark whilst others click on links that I put on Twitter or Facebook. Others, it appear, stumble across Ninja Hedgehog after it turns up in the search results provided by different search engines against various keywords and search strings.

Here are the top 10 search phrases (from all search engines) that have brought visitors to Ninja Hedgehog this month:

# Phrase Visits
1 old nokia phones 81
2 good phones 54
3 luisa zissman 54
4 thorpe park entrance 45
5 ninja hedgehog 36
6 nice phones 36
7 “The secret life of cats” 27
8 you park like a cunt 18
9 operation yewtree phillip schofield 18
10 people-spotter 9

Clearly, some people have an interest in Luisa Zissman. In fact, at least one person has a bizarre interest in Luisa Zissman as the following search term has brought them to Ninja Hedgehog:

luisa zissman fucks sir alan sugar

Search ResultsFunnily enough, the particular article which Google returns in the search results made no mention of Luisa Zissman fucking Sir Alan Sugar. In fact, it didn’t mention Luisa Zissman fucking anyone.

I Googled this myself just in case it was a mistake- it wasn’t a mistake and Google does return Ninja Hedgehog in the search results. Bing and Yahoo! don’t return Ninja Hedgehog in the results, but Yandex does, too.

I don’t know whether or not to be happy that someone has discovered Ninja Hedgehog accidentally by searching for “luissa zissman fucks sir alan sugar”.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth, is what I say.

If you’re reading this because you found Ninja Hedgehog after trying to discover if Luisa Zissman fucks Sir Alan Sugar, I’d like to make something very clear.

It’s Lord Sugar, not Sir Alan Sugar.

Do you fuck Sir Lord Alan Bloody Sugar?


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