The NHS Aren’t That Bad

I was referred to my local hospital for some blood tests to be done, so I decided to pop along to the walk-in clinic today, after work. I went in, filled out a form and took a ticket. My number was called within 3 minutes. I went in, the nurse was polite and I barely felt the needle. People rarely compliment the NHS but I can’t fault my local trust in the least bit. I’ve recently received lots of hospital treatment within two separate hospital trusts; the original one I was with was appalling. No one likes visiting hospital, but I couldn’t praise my local trust enough. From my last post, people may assume that I am a Tory supporter- I actually disagree with lots of their policies. Yes, they need to make cutbacks but they shouldn’t do this with our NHS. I just hope that the service I received today won’t be the last example of excellent care provided to us for free.

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