Visa’s Second Response to Junk Mail Association

Priority InvitationI was slightly disappointed that Visa hadn’t quite grasped what I was asking them in relation to Vanquis and their dubious marketing methods; this was indicated in Visa’s response by a lack of any relevance whatsoever. Visa have now replied to another email which I sent.

As I read the email, I started to worry that for a second time, Visa had completely misunderstood what it was which I was asking. It’s as if the emails are being replied to by workers in a country where English isn’t their first language and their comprehension of our language isn’t sufficient enough to answer any particularly taxing questions.

However, the second part of the email was slightly more relevant, although this was probably by complete accident. The email read:

Thank you for re-contacting Visa Europe.

We very much appreciate the time you took to convey your thoughts to us.

As previously stated, please understand that Visa is not in a position to contact cardholders by phone or send correspondence to Visa cardholders in relation to cardholders’ Visa accounts.

*Card issuing banks are responsible for communication regarding their cardholders’ accounts.*

Please also be informed that Visa does not authorise any Websites or guarantee the good reputation of any Merchants i.e. we do not endorse any of their products or guarantee delivery of goods/services.

Thank you for writing

It’s clear that Visa don’t contact customers directly- I already know this as it was stated in the first email response.

The second part of the email is interesting as it states that Visa do not endorse any products or guarantee delivery of goods or services. This surely means that Vanquis should not be using the Visa logo on the envelopes used for marketing material as this implies that either Visa have sent the letter or that Vanquis has sent the letter on behalf of Visa; either suggestion of which is misleading and simply not true.

I’ve contacted ASA and sent them the information from the second email so that my complaint details can be updated, as I think it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Vanquis are deliberately trying to mislead people with their advertising. Interestingly, I’ve not received a response from Vanquis regarding this, so I’ve sent them a little message from their website again, asking for a response regarding the pretend label and the Visa logo used on their marketing envelope.

Do you falsely use the Visa logo to imply endorsement of services or goods?

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