Anyone For Free Food?

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Where I work there is a chef who is there to produce healthy food on a daily basis for the people who attend the place. The staff members also get to eat the lunches at no cost to themselves. Mmm free lunch..what’s not to love about that??

Well, the chef seems to be unaware that flavours apart from mixed herbs exist. Everything tastes like watery mixed herb sauce. One staff member once hid his beloved mixed herbs and we had a week of tasteless, watery food instead. He ordered more for the week after so that failed.

Anyway the┬áreason for this is to spread the word of the chef”s Bread and Butter Pudding today. Ohh, it was a treat. Will share with you the method so you can try it out at home just to see the quality of free food I get to experience every weekday.

Get a large glass dish, open a carton of custard and pour two-thirds of the custard in to the dish. Take some brown bread (freshly defrosted from freezer) and apply butter to one side of each slice. Join the slices together to make a delicious butter sandwich which you should then layer on top of the custard in the dish. Turn your attention back to the custard carton, it seems a bit empty doesn’t it? Add plenty of water to be able to get that last third of custard out easily, pour this on top of the butter sandwich. Stand back, admire your creation and send it out to the unsuspecting fools about to eat it, hoping they don’t notice that the raisins are missing.

I know it’s free to eat for the staff, as far as cost goes not sure about health implications just yet, but the company does pay for it. I think they might not be getting their moneys worth.

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  1. I am roasting a real chicken this evening. I will not be using any herbs. Do you need a roast chicken supper ?

    1. A roast chicken supper is always welcome jasonavich, thank you for the offer. Lack of herbs sounds good. Think I missed out now, maybe next time :o)

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