NatNo to SEO

NatYesNatWest, the helpful bank, have recently launched the NatYes campaign for their mortgage products and claim that they say “yes” to 9 out of 10 mortgage applications. This is great news for many of those who are struggling to get on the property ladder. In the campaign TV advertisements, we’re asked to search online for NatYes.

I read the other day that at the start of the campaign, when you searched online for NatYes, the first results returned were not for NatWest; any links to NatWest were further down the list of results. This was obviously an oversight by the NatWest marketing team who I believe would have needed to pay for links to NatWest to appear at the top of search results. Now, when you search online for NatYes, links to NatWest appear as the first one or two search results, although everything else below this are for other websites (mainly ones which write about the initial oversight by the NatWest marketing team).

SEO (search engine optimisation) is vital in this type of campaign if you’re looking at drawing plenty of visitors to your website; especially if you’re telling potential visitors to search for something specific in the hope that they’ll find your website.

I don’t know if the 9 out of 10 mortgage applications which are accepted include first time buyers (the figures are apparently based on an average of accepted applications over a 15 month rolling period, excluding Buy to Let) but if you do need a mortgage and are concerned about being turned down, NatWest is possibly the bank to speak to.

Do you think it would be a massive shame if Ninja Hedgehog appeared in the top search results for NatYes?

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