Monthly Statistics

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the absence of any posts for a couple of weeks; this is mainly due to a long holiday I had in Turkey. More on that soon.

In June, I wrote about how May 2013 saw the most visitors to Ninja Hedgehog in one month so far. I was pretty chuffed with this!

This brand new record was broken in June 2013… by over 3,000 visitors! During June 2013, Ninja Hedgehog saw a total of 8,481 unique visitors! How amazing is that??

Once again, this is down to you for making the effort and visiting Ninja Hedgehog during June 2013. This is really appreciated and I hope you continue to visit every month… I promise to make sure that I don’t leave it for so long between posts.

Month Page Views Visits Hits Bandwidth (MB)
June, 2013 22,895 8,481 74,253 2,080

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