Winning the Fight Against Junk Mail

Priority InvitationI hate receiving junk mail- it pisses me off. Last month, I received an urgent-looking letter but upon opening it, found it was just an application for a Vanquis credit card. Feeling that this irritating marketing method was a little underhand, I registered a complaint with ASA and wasn’t expecting a huge amount. ASA have responded to my complaint.

ASA decided that the fictional priority mail sticker printed on the outside of the envelope meant that the item wasn’t obviously identifiable as a marketing communication- if my complaint is upheld (it has to be heard in front of the ASA┬ácouncil), they will tell Vanquis that this mailing must not appear again in it’s current form.

Hopefully, you won’t be receiving any junk mail from Vanquis with a pretend priority mail sticker printed on the front of the envelope- all thanks to me.

ASA Draft Recommendation

 Do you want to join in the fight against unwanted post?

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