Death in Paradise

Adverts for Death in Paradise have been on the BBC for at least a week now. The cast includes Ben Miller and Danny John Jules (only known for Red Dwarf?) and looked promising, so I’m presently watching it.The story involves a British official being shot dead in a panic room locked from the inside, with no suspects. This definitely sounds interesting. The crime was committed during a party with lots of guests and somehow the police officer sent from Britain to investigate the death had a group photo of everyone, including the back of a mysterious woman. I have never been to a party where a group photo was taken- why would anyone do that?

When the British police officer first turned up at the police station on the Caribbean island (sorry, I didn’t mention the location) there seemed to be a market outside. This market was less convincing than the one in Walford, where the Albert Square residents provide enough of a demand for the cheap tat availabe to make it a thriving business hub. There was only a handful of actors, a few stalls and far too much (obviously dubbed) background noise to make it even remotely believable. This is obviously filmed on location so therefore there was a substantial budget available- I’m disappointed that they didn’t use any of it on a few more ‘support artists’.

Finally, some of the accents are awful. Most of the actors playing Carribean characters are English. I’m sure it’s difficult to put on a Carribean accent, but a little more effort could have been made. Whilst writing this, I’ve missed the last half hour but don’t feel like I’ve missed anything. It looks like the female Caribbean police officer is responsible for the murder (apparently, the victim wasn’t dead when locked in the panic room and only killed when she went to open the door from outside). Only the police know the release code. When the police were originally called out because the panic room had triggered a lock down and set off an alarm, one of the male Carribean police officers was asked to attend but was too interested in something else to attend, so the female Carribean police officer went instead. Maybe it was explained in the half hour that I missed, but wasn’t it sheer chance that she had the chance to kill this guy? The explanation that I saw doesn’t make any sense!

The trailer for next week makes it all look even worse- I won’t be watching it.

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