Junk Mail: The End

Priority InvitationSome time ago I made a complaint to ASA about some unsolicited marketing material received from Vanquis. I felt that it was misleading in it’s presentation which implied that it was of importance, rather than being simply marketing material. I had no idea that such a thorough investigation and presentation of the facts would be made and this complaint taken as far as it was.

I’m not complaining about the thoroughness of the ASA; I’m just surprised that these things are taken so seriously which is vital in protecting consumers such as you and I.

The ASA have now replied to me with the findings of the ASA Council after recommending that my complaint be upheld. The ASA Council ruled that this marketing material was misleading and that it shouldn’t be used in such form again. I’ve received several similar marketing items over the years and it feels odd that thanks to me, Vanquis aren’t allowed to use this approach ever again. I wonder if I’m now a figure of hate at Vanquis towers? Perhaps the mysterious Jane Farmer will be sent to kill me?

Ordinarily, I’d publish this immediately regardless of what I’ve been asked to do. However, the ASA have asked that this is kept confidential until it’s officially published on their website on 23rd October. As the ASA have been so thorough and helpful, it’s only fair that I respect this.

Seeing as today is 23rd October, I’m publishing the report from the ASA, just so you can have a read yourself. This report is also available on the ASA website.

It just goes to show that one man can make a difference; not unlike Michael Knight.

Adjudication 1

Adjudication 2

Have you ever stopped a large organisation from using a particular marketing method before?

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