If It Aint Broke…

I’ve recently been playing around with various formats for Ninja Hedgehog. I’ve been focusing on open-source programs for their simplicity and flexibility. However, some of these have their drawbacks.

I don’t want to go in to too much detail on what exactly I’ve been looking at, but whilst some of them are fantastically elaborate and professional-looking, they are also high-maintenance. I’ve come to realise that I don’t have the time to perfect and update things. With a multi-functional site, there’s lots that can go wrong- I don’t have time to correct errors either.

I’ve learnt that the little blog you find here now is perfectly sufficient. It’s simple and does what I need it to do- I can even create a post by email.

So, for now anyway, you’re stuck with this boring blog. I think that blogging about interesting things will be a leap in the right direction but I can only manage one step at a time. If only I had external email at work, I’d be able to type interesting articles all day long. I’d also be out of work too and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

About Ninja Hedgehog

I’m Ninja Hedgehog, the creator of the Ninja Hedgehog website. I've written various things over the years but started Ninja Hedgehog in October 2011. I write about all kind of subjects but will never write about sport. Ever.
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