Speculation Without the Accumulation

Amazon Fire PhonesEverybody likes to make a little bit of money for relatively little effort and I recently saw an opportunity to do just that. Potentially, I could buy something at a ridiculously low price and then easily sell it for a large profit whilst keeping the price below the original, full price of the item in question. Nice and simple, if it goes to plan.

On 28th January, Amazon reduced the price of their flagship phone, the Fire Phone, for 24 hours only. Ordinarily £299.00 for the 32gb version and £379.00 for the 64gb version, the former could be purchased for only £99.00 and the latter for only £149.00. I had a quick look on eBay and saw that brand new and boxed (the phone was only released at the end of 2014), Fire Phones were fetching decent money.

There was always the risk that eBay would be flooded with brand new and boxed Fire Phones after these massive, albeit temporary, price reductions but I figured there’d still be some scope for a little bit of profit.

Amazon FireAmazon limited purchases of the Fire Phones to one of each type per customer so I set up a second Amazon account and used it to purchase another 64gb Fire Phone. I was tempted to purchase even more Fire Phones by setting up further Amazon accounts but to be honest, I chickened out as I didn’t want to risk losing any money if my plan didn’t work.

It was only after I abused my credit card that I looked at reviews of the Fire Phone and realised how shit they are.

The Fire Phone uses a custom version of the Android operating system which ultimately inhibits functionality and restricts a lot of customisation. Whilst you can install a few of the more common Android apps on it, there’s no Google Play app, although there’s apparently a way to access the full range of Google Play apps via some sort of hack.

Phone Line UpThe most interesting features of the Fire Phone are Firefly, Mayday and Dynamic Perspective. Although interesting and clever, none of these features offer any real functional value and any value that these may add to the device are quickly overshadowed by the fact that ultimately, the Fire Phone is an Amazon sales tool, which provides buying suggestions based on various actions undertaken on it.

My three Fire Phones are currently on eBay and whilst I’m not going to be able to retire on the profit, I should be able to make around £150.00 on the sale of these as there’s already a fair bit of interest.

Hopefully, no one else will try to steal one of these from me- more on that very soon.

Have you been left disappointed by a Fire Phone?

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