TalkTalkTalkTalk are now finally out of my life and I couldn’t be happier. My contract with them was due to run out in May and I had been quite happy with them, but after all this disconnection nonsense I couldn’t get away quickly enough. TalkTalk have been absolutely and without any doubt whatsoever, a massive pile of steaming shit. I now hate TalkTalk with a passion.

I’ve already written about an issue I’ve been experiencing with TalkTalk since the beginning of this year. In summary, they’ve been writing and emailing to me, to confirm my cancellation of my TalkTalk service as requested by myself. The problem is, I haven’t requested the cancellation of anything.

After receiving a letter dated 5th January 2015 advising me that I’d have to pay various fees, I spoke to someone at TalkTalk on 9th January 2015 who assured me that there was nothing to worry about. She asked that I contact a different department the next day as she could see that there had been an error, but I refused to do this as TalkTalk had confirmed the error was on their part. By the end of the conversation, the lady had agreed to escalate the issue and to cancel the cancellation for me. I even noted this on the letter received from TalkTalk at the time and mentioned this in my previous post.

Ultimately, I wouldn’t have had an issue with TalkTalk cancelling my service if all they Call Noteswanted from me was the monthly line rental for the remainder of my contract. This would have been paid to them anyway.

However, on the phone and in letters received from TalkTalk, I was being advised that I’d have to pay my remaining line rental and a disconnection fee. I objected to paying a disconnection fee.

On 1st February 2015, I contacted TalkTalk again after receiving another letter telling me about charges. Clearly the lady whom I’d spoken to previously hadn’t done what she said she was going to do.

I got nowhere during my conversation so asked to make a complaint. There weren’t any complaint managers around so I was promised a call back within 48 hours but after hearing nothing after 72 hours, I contacted TalkTalk yet again.

Apparently, my complaint was showing as being resolved so I asked to speak to a manager. Again, I was told that a call back would be arranged which is an offer I rejected (not so politely), given that this system had already failed me once before.

Upon my insistence, I was put through to a manager who advised me that another complaint manager had tried to contact me on 2nd February 2015 between 13:00 and 14:00, on my mobile (no missed calls, so they didn’t) and on my disconnected TalkTalk telephone number. Work that one out.

This is where my previous stories finished, so I’m going to share what has happened since and how the issue has been resolved.

The complaint manager had to do some investigation and when I mentioned the telephone call of 9th January 2015 to him, he said he would have to go away to listen to the call and contact me again within 48 hours. Because of work, I asked if the call back could be made between 18:00 and 19:00 and the complaint manager agreed to this.

Charges Before LeavingTwo days later, on 5th February 2015 at 16:31 (not between 18:00 as agreed), the complaint manager called me on my mobile when I was at work. He said he had listened to the phone call on 9th January 2015 and that the advisor had told me I would need to contact another department myself, that I had refused to do this and that there was no record of the other department being contacted.

I asked the complaint manager if he had listened to the whole telephone call and he said that he had. This pissed me off considerably, as I knew damn well that he either hadn’t listened to the very end of the phone call or that he had and he was lying about what he’d heard.

I wasn’t going to get any further with this fuckwit so I told him I just want to go to the ombudsman. I was fairly certain I needed a letter from TalkTalk to do this, but the complaint manager said a letter wasn’t required. I double checked with him one more time and again he told me that I could take my complaint straight to the ombudsman. Obviously and unsurprisingly, this information is incorrect as I found out from TalkTalk’s website afterwards.

When I returned home that evening, I contacted TalkTalk again because I still wanted to sort out my charges. I was transferred to the billing department.

For the first time ever, I was actually speaking to someone who was listening and who wasn’t trying to constantly speak over me. He took in every word I said, was sympathetic and understanding. He apologised that he himself wouldn’t be able to help me but transferred me through to a complaint manager (again!).

The new complaint manager placed the call on hold for a bit before coming back to tell me the only price I had to pay to finish my TalkTalk contract was the amount of £42.78. I explained that I’d received letters telling me that contract breakage fees would also be incurred and that I’d also been told on the phone that these would be incurred. The complaint manager placed the call on hold again for a few minutes before returning and confirming once again, that the only amount I owed was £42.78. Again and again, I asked her if this was absolutely correct and that if I paid this amount, I would owe no further money to TalkTalk. Again and again, she told me this would be the case.

This information conflicted somewhat with the letter dated 5th January 2015, which had stated:

Please note that these charges are estimated and this is not the total amount that you will need to pay before you leave. The contract breakage fee will need to be paid along with anything else that you owe using your usual payment method.


Whether or not the complaint manager was correct about the final amount owed remains to be seen, but I checked enough times with her and each time, she confirmed it back to me. Hopefully, I’ll not need to make any further phone calls to TalkTalkever.

Just as I started to write this, I received an email from TalkTalk, asking me to fill out a short survey about the service received in relation to my complaint. It would have been rude not to fill out this survey, so you can find my response here.

Would you recommend TalkTalk to anyone other than your worst enemies?

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