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From today, Ninja Hedgehog has gone considerably more interactive (as opposed to simply being able to comment on posts as a guest).

You can now sign up as a member and do the following:

  • Add other members as friends
  • ‘Mention’ other members (@username) publicly
  • Send private messages
  • Update your status
  • Post and reply to comments quicker and easier
  • Create and join public or private groups so that you, your Ninja Hedgehog friends and anyone else can join in with like-minded people

This is a “beta” service at the moment so may not work properly. If you need help or have any questions, you can mention me (@ninja), send me a private message or email

Come on and join in….

About Ninja Hedgehog

I’m Ninja Hedgehog, the creator of the Ninja Hedgehog website. I've written various things over the years but started Ninja Hedgehog in October 2011. I write about all kind of subjects but will never write about sport. Ever.
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2 Responses to Join in…

  1. Hai says:

    I am officially pleased with this particular website
    and I wished to make an effort to many thanks from your
    bottom of my heart!

  2. Ninja Hedgehog says:

    Officially pleased? From my bottom of your heart?

    That doesn’t make much sense, but what I think you’re trying to convey is that Ninja Hedgehog is awesome.

    Yes. Yes it is.

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