Hacking Bastards

LockoutsA couple of weeks ago,  I opened up Ninja Hedgehog to allow a little interactivity and social shenanigans via the use of personalised messaging. I thought it would be fun for people sign up and “join in”.

The good news is that 236 people joined Ninja Hedgehog to set up groups or to interact with each other.

The bad news is that at least 200 of these members are utter bastards and only went to the effort of setting up an account on Ninja Hedgehog for the purpose of spamming and general annoyance.

Furthermore, 150 of these spammers registered today alone which coincided with 117 hosts being locked out of Ninja Hedgehog due to attempted brute-force attacks or an unusually high amount of error 404 messages being returned (indicating that someone is attempting to look for a specific page within Ninja Hedgehog which isn’t actually there).

Back in November 2012, I wrote about how Ninja Hedgehog was regularly under attack from hackers and I was as baffled back then as I am now. Why would anyone want to hack my shitty little blog?

Is it to advertise Viagra or some kind of illegal drug?

Is it to advertise porn?

Is it to raise awareness for orphaned donkeys?

Whatever it is, please stop trying to hack Ninja Hedgehog and if you want to advertise your illegal supply of a prescription drug, of naked women performing bizarre sex insertions or to make the public aware of lonely donkeys, just drop me an email at advertisemyshit@ninjahedgehog.co.uk and for 50p, you can advertise whatever you like. Hell, I’ll even take 20p to give up a little space on Ninja Hedgehog.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to disable new user registration because I can’t be arsed with the amount of file deletion I have to undertake after being inundated with such bollocks, so for the 36 of you who didn’t want to abuse my generosity, I regret that you’ll need to return to Facebook.

Do you want to exploit your shit for pennies?

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