United Colours of Lemming

United Colours of Pretentious Yesterday, I thought the screen on my iPad had gone wonky as when I checked Facebook, it looked like the black guy from the Skittles advert had emptied his bollocks all over the place. Turns out it was just everyone trying to pretend they give a shit about gay marriage by copying someone else who had changed their profile picture to resemble sections of the TV test card.

I’ve never read anything from any of my Facebook friends about gay marriage; whether it be for or against it- that’s not to say they’ve never posted anything about it on Facebook; just that I haven’t seen anything. Even the gay friends I have have never mentioned anything about the rights for gay and lesbian people to marry, but suddenly everyone on Facebook supports it.

I’ll tell you exactly what’s happened. David sees in Peter’s feed that Peter has rainbowed his profile picture for pro-gay marriage, courtesy of Facebook. Because David can’t think for himself, he decides that gay marriage is a great thing to support (although secretly, David likes the idea of the pretty colours over his profile picture) so goes and rainbows his own profile picture. Had Peter not already done the same, I bet David would never have thought twice about the rights for gay people to have their marriages officially recognised all around the world. I bet David also shares ridiculous and unfounded posts on Facebook simply because the person before him did exactly the same thing.

I’m all for supporting a worthy cause or something that you believe in, but support or believe in that thing enough so that you’re doing what you can to raise awareness, all of the time. Or, at least more than once.

I’ve no doubt that most of those on Facebook who now have a rainbow for a profile pictureRainbowed Testcard do support gay marriage, but I also have no doubt that some of those people are just following a trend. Is that really “raising awareness” or “spreading the word”? It’s just a bunch of lemmings who in all honesty, would copy and share pretty much anything simply because someone else was doing it. What’s the point of there being thousands of Facebook users with stripey profile pics when half of them don’t recognise or understand it’s meaning?

It’s the same as St. Georges Day. Everyone goes crazy and puts up their St. George flags, gets pissed and then tells anyone who’ll listen how proud they are to be British. Facebook goes into meltdown because we’re suddenly sharing how patriotic we are with the world.

The problem is, most of those who are so proud to be British can’t spell for shit.

I know that some of you will think that spelling is irrelevant, but it’s totally not. What’s more patriotic; getting pissed and wrapping yourself in a giant flag or learning, understanding and using the English language properly?

Also, have you ever pointed out to a patriot that St. George was actually Greek? You should give that a go if you haven’t done it before- you’ll be in for a real treat.

First, there’s confusion, then gradual understanding and processing of this mind-blowing information before finally, the recipient of this information haemorrhages from every single bodily orifice before collapsing to the ground, fitting so hard that their head falls off.

Support something.

Be proud of something.

Believe in something.

Share something.

Promote something.

Do any of these things because you want to, not because you saw someone else do it first. Think for yourself, don’t be so impressionable and don’t wait for someone else to make a noise before you decide to do the same.

As for gay marriage, I still can’t get my head around the fact that in this day and age, two adults can’t fall in love and want to spend their lives together without their love being frowned upon because they’ve got the same genitals as each other. How ridiculous is that?

Do you have your own beliefs or do you need to copy your Facebook buddies?

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