The Importance of making Backups

A brief story about why it’s important to create regular backups of your website.

As I have several websites which use several different databases, I get confused over which is which. A database is the ‘memory’ of a website where all of the settings (and in the case of a blog, the posts themselves) are stored.
I was tidying up and deleting some databases that are no longer required and even considered making backups of the remaining databases just in case. However, backing up a database takes a minute or two and I was being impatient. I couldn’t remember exactly when the last backup was, but I knew I’d done a couple at various times so figured I had nothing to lose. I confidently deleted the database that I thought I no longer needed.
Notice that the last post was from November and that a considerable amount of posts have subsequently disappeared, including the post about my sponsored sleepout on 28/1/12? Can you guess what’s caused it? Deleting the wrong database, that’s what’s done it. As you can imagine, I’m pretty pissed about it. Not only have I lost all the posts since November, but all the tweaks and settings that I have made or changed since November have been lost. So there you go- make regular backups of your databases so that you don’t wipe a load of stuff from your blog, because that would make you a tit.

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