Those Idiot Out Voters

Write for Ninja HedgehogI’m just a normal mother, wife, woman and worker. I finished school at sixth form and flirted with Uni but ended up going straight into employment. I consider myself –not stupid. I have two beautifully wonderful and at times equally horrid boys whom I love more than life itself. And the decision I make at the referendum is scaring the shit out of me. Mainly because it’s not really my future I’m voting on.

It’s my two little balls of joy and snot. I’m also a born neurotic so naturally I believe my single vote could be the decider so I feel like the pressure is on… I have followed both sides of the debate (which is very difficult as you have to sift through all the bull to get some semblance of sense) and found that I am leaning ‘out‘.

But what I really fricking hate (other than the complete nonsense spouted by Boris the Buffoon or Sneaky Sturgeon and all their cohorts) is the snooty attitude of some of the ‘in‘ supporters.

I am so tired of some of the ‘in‘ peeps referring to ‘out‘ voters as idiots or that they are somehow intellectually inferior because they have a different opinion of which direction Britain should be headed in.

Now, I’m not normally so solemn but why is it so difficult to believe that over 50% of the British people (many of advanced years and with vast experience) could have come to their decision through careful consideration and informed research.

For every economist and politician advocating ‘in‘ there are those of equal position advocating ‘out‘.

Immigration is a big issue for a lot of ‘out‘ supporters. The argument as I understand it is to adopt the points based system. Australia has the points based system and I have read this has actually seen immigration increase. The system allows the country to be fair and pick who it feels has the most potential to positively benefit the country.

Losing our place in the Union does not mean the British will lose its humanity. We will of course continue to value and uphold workers’, women’s and most importantly basic human rights without being told we have to by Europe, because we are actually decent people. We will look after our share of people fleeing conflict and suffering because we are human and duty-bound. I don’t believe that being out of the Union will mean we suddenly turn our backs on those in need. That’s not who we are.

Trade: Ok so this is where I am a bit woolly and will possibly make myself look silly (if I haven’t already), but my very crude understanding is this: Europe has advised we will have to pay to trade from outside of the Union. Meaning a dent to our businesses…
That would really put us on the back foot…. if we weren’t one of the biggest importers in the whole of Europe!? Fine- you won’t buy our stuff and will charge us more? We will go elsewhere to sell and buy stuff and probably get it cheaper.  Can they really afford to lose us as customers? That must amount to billions lost from their economies? We surely hold a few of the cards at the table here?

The fact is no one knows if it will be better or worse either way for sure and I want to be convinced to stay ‘in‘, (it feels like the safer option but long term is it the right thing to do? Should we be brave now for the sake of our children’s future?) but it won’t be done by telling me “it’s a leap in the dark, don’t take the risk!”- that’s an actual ‘in‘ campaign slogan!! Where would Britain be if our greatest explorers, scientists and philanthropists had taken that attitude? I also can’t stand the patronising ‘they just don’t get the consequences’ rhetoric. Because I do! I’m worried, I want to make the right decision and my vote decides, remember from the first paragraph?!

The people aren’t happy with the status quo. They aren’t happy and feel strongly ‘in‘ or ‘out‘. It’s an emotive subject. What’s stupid about that?

I’m told Europe has a poor economy and we are the fifth biggest in the world. I don’t know if we will be better out. I’m still deciding, But the evidence is we have stuck by Europe for many years now and it hasn’t worked for us very well of late. Being ‘in‘ didn’t save our steel industry or BHS or Woolworths (man, I miss the pic n mix!) or help our fishermen.

So, snooty ‘in‘ supporters… before you go calling the majority of ‘out‘ voters idiots, consider this quote from Albert Einstein (I heard he was quite clever):

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Will continuing to stick by Europe really improve our fortunes?

But I’m just a regular mother of delightfully horrid boys bumbling her way through this once-in-a-lifetime referendum, so what do I know?

Are you ‘in‘ or ‘out‘?

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  1. If I hadn’t already decided I’m voting ‘out‘, I think this article would have swayed me.

    Ninja Hedgehog for Brexit!

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