Angry and Outraged


SmileI read an article in the Daily Mirror yesterday about a woman who took her kid to the play park, only to find a couple of undesirables passed-out in an apparent drug-induced slumber. Quite understandably, the mother was outraged and angry- as would most other normal people be. Play parks aren’t the place for adults without children , alcohol, cigarettes or drugs.

The outraged mother made the following statement:

“I was so angry, I shouted, ‘How dare you come here with drugs!’ They were so out of it they didn’t even acknowledge me”

Which makes me wonder; did she take the photo above of her child next to the druggies before or after she shouted at them? Was she angry just enough to shout at the strange, drugged-up men (who could turn nasty if disturbed), but not quite angry enough to stop her child from playing right next to these passed-out hobos?

According to the Ninja Hedgehog Druggie-in-Play-Park Anger Scale, I reckon this mother was only a 2.5:

NH Anger Scale

IMG_5889Perhaps she was pissed off that the she wasn’t allowed to smoke their crack pipe? Or maybe they’re her dealers and she’s had a falling-out with them?

I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer but if I had a young child and there were druggies in the play park where I wanted to take my young child to, I would simply turn around and come back later. I certainly wouldn’t pose my kid next to the druggies and take a photo to prove my point; a point which is now moot because the photo proves the mother didn’t believe there was any immediate danger or risk.

At least she reported the situation to the police on the non-emergency number… after she’d called the local school (which was somewhere near the park).

If I believed a beautiful beach to be shark-infested but the local authority refused to place warning signs along the shore, I wouldn’t take my child for a paddle and take a photo of him or her in the water next to a shark fin which suddenly appears above the surface just to prove I was right.

A Mother of the Year award is not heading this woman’s way…

Would you put your child in danger to prove a point?

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