Muslamic Ray Gun?

This popped up on Facebook which is dangerous as after a glass or three of wine, I’m prone to buy things on Amazon or eBay which I don’t really need, but which I know I probably want. My judgement is never at it’s best in these scenarios. Imagine my excitement when I saw this futuristic-looking device.

I haven’t got a fucking clue what it is or what it could be, but it looks like some sort of laser or sci-fi weapon from the likes of Star Trek or Doctor Who.

For all I know, it could be a muslamic ray gun (which only exists in the tiny minds of racist twats) so I was sorely disappointed when I clicked on the advert to find that in fact, it was just a really fucking expensive (even with the special price) razor. It gets rid of hair, just like a razor.

A razor costs a fraction of the price.

Being slightly pissed, I bought 8 of them.

I’m going to be the smoothest hedgehog this side of Brazil.

Are you easily influenced whilst drunk?

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