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I’ve not been to Burger King for a very long time, which is probably down to the simple fact that there’s not as many of them around as there are McDonald’s. And the other simple fact that you have to get out of your car to get a burger from Burger King.

As a youngster, I always enjoyed a burger from Burger King because the quality and portion size was far superior to that of an equivalent meal from McDonald’s, so I was mildly excited last Sunday when I stopped at a motorway services and saw that along with the three(!) Costa stores, there was a Burger King.

As I approached the counter, I was eyeing up the menu, trying to work out which was the largest and tastiest meal because I was ravenous. By the time I’d reached the counter, I still hadn’t decided what I fancied when the server asked what it was which I wanted to order.

I said that I wasn’t sure yet, so I was asked if I was hungry. I pointed out that it’s unlikely I would have been about to order food had I not been hungry, so the server recommended the Bacon Double XL.

I quickly looked this up on the menu and was immediately impressed by the beauty and fullness of the sight before me; two burgers and plenty of bacon. The image of the burger was perfect in every way and I could have ordered 10 of them there and then. With hindsight and bottomless pockets, I wish I’d ordered 10 of them because then I wouldn’t have been hungry afterwards.

The burger which was revealed when I eagerly unwrapped it was very different to the one which I’d ordered from the menu. Fundamentally, the key ingredients illustrated were present, but all to a slightly smaller scale and less appetising in appearance than I had been led to believe.

Thinking that perhaps I’d been served a child’s meal in error, I went back to the counter where my fears were confirmed; I had in my hand a Bacon Double XL.

Naturally I questioned this, but it was pointed out that the images on the menu are for illustrative purposes only. Upon checking the Burger King website when I arrived home, it seems that the image of the Bacon Double XL on there is also for illustrative purposes, because what I ate looked nothing like that either! Ironically, the slogan for the Bacon Double XL on the website says “you might need to sit down“. This is clearly in reference to the shock experienced once you realise you only have half a meal.

I don’t have large hands but even with me grasping my burger, it looked like a mini-snack you’d eat at a party where the host couldn’t afford food from anywhere other than Iceland.

To make matters worse, Burger King isn’t exactly cheap; my disappointing meal cost me £8.19. £8.19!!! For a child-size burger!! What a rip-off!

I’ve sent the following message to Burger King:

I purchased a Bacon Double XL burger because I was hungry. What I received was laughable- it was sloppily put together but worst of all, it was so tiny it would have looked tiny in the hand of a dwarf-child.

The image on your website and on the in-store menu make the burger look far more appetising and considerably larger than it really is. I even went back to the counter to confirm that I’d received the correct meal and apparently, I had. Although menu images are for illustrative purposes only, there is a fine line between simple representation and false-advertising. What’s worse is that the inclusion of “double” and “XL” within the title of this burger give the impression that it’s larger than most other burgers on offer.

It’s no exaggeration to state that I feel cheated and violated after this episode. I would be interested to hear your official response to the issue of deliberately misleading your customers.

As always, I’ll post a response if I receive one.

Have you been the victim of a royal daylight burgerlary?

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    1. Didn’t Burger King go through a phase where they were making skinny fries which weren’t actually made from potato?

      The chips I had the other day were actually really nice- chunky and crisp.

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