Lucozade: Response

  I recently contacted Lucozade to find out some information about the reduction in the sugar content of their drinks. Want to see their response? Here it is:

Our decision to reduce the sugar in our drinks is due to consumer demand for great-tasting drinks with less sugar.  We are excited that we have been able to make great tasting drinks with less sugar at a price are consumers are familiar with. In November 2016, we announced through the media and on that we were reducing sugar across our portfolio.  These new recipe products are now being sold in retail outlets. Throughout the reformulation process we have put consumers first, conducting extensive tests with a large representation of our loyal consumers and the results have been incredibly positive; they told us that the new recipe was still the brand they loved to drink – and the majority of them couldn’t identify a difference. As a Company we believe this is the right long term thing to do for consumers, and our business. Consumers have been clear, they want drinks with lower sugar content — sixty per cent of soft drinks sold in the UK are now low and no calorie (Source: BSDA, 2016). We’re proud of our drinks development team, who have done a brilliant job to remove 50% of the sugar while keeping the great taste.

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