Trying to Keep Up With Samantha Brick

I’ve literally just finished writing about Samantha Brick in the previous article and have just noticed that she’s upset people with her views on aborting a baby if it has Downs Syndrome. This woman is hard to keep up with!

I’m going to keep this brief because my fingers hurt.

Samantha Brick was on the This Morning Show again the other day talking about the IVF treatment that her and her husband are having. She’s probably barren for being such an irritating bitch, but that’s purely speculation.

Anyway, she said that if it was discovered that a baby developing inside her had Downs Syndrome, she would consider aborting it.

Samantha Brick irritates the hell out of me but I have to take a step back and look at this with an unbiased perspective. Samantha Brick says that she would CONSIDER abortion, not that she would definitely go ahead and do it.

I know that there’s plenty of people who think that abortion is evil, but it’s not a decision that is taken lightly. I have no specific views on abortion as it all depends on the circumstances. One could argue that abortion could be best for the child in some circumstances.

We’ll never be able to prove when a baby develops conciousness and therefore we’ll never be able to determine whether or not abortion is actually murder. Abortion is taking away a potential life and in that sense, it’s a terrible thing. But, if that life isn’t aware of life or even itself, is it really murder?

I’m not saying it’s right and I’m not saying it’s wrong. If someone had a baby with Downs Syndrome, couldn’t cope with caring for that child and had to give it up for adoption, how would that affect the child’s life? I’d hate to not know who my parents were or that they didn’t even want me.

Even from a selfish point of view, a baby is hard enough to bring up anyway but if a child requires much more care throughout their life, what sort of life will the parents have?

You can argue that it’s the parent’s responsibility to care for their child no matter what but let’s be honest- if you’re planning for a baby, you automatically assume that when it’s born, it won’t have any disabilities at all. If you deny that, then you’re a liar.

Samantha Brick’s problem is that she’s rubbed so many people up the wrong way that it doesn’t matter what she does or says now- it’ll always be wrong. Don’t judge her and hate her because she said she’d consider having an abortion. Don’t judge and hate her if she has a child with a disability and later on decides that she can no longer care for it, before putting it up for adoption.

We’re all entitled to our personal choices and we all have reasons behind them. Just because you don’t understand or agree with someone’s decision, it doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong decision for the person who made it.

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